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Is PHP Live! in compliance with the EU cookie regulations?



The EU cookie regulation prohibits EU (European) sites from storing unauthorized cookies onto the visitor's computer.  EU sites must clearly state the intent to store cookies and allow the visitor a cookie opt out process.


For more information, please visit the official site.


With the introduction of PHP Live! v.4.2.112, an option to switch off the cookie use can be done within the setup area.  PHP Live! v.4.2.112 reduced the numbers of cookies to only 2 cookies set for the visitor chat area.  We have chosen to simply switch on/off the cookies altogether rather then a visual opt out message alert to the visitor. The additional level of notification could affect the number of chat requests. Thus, it is recommended to simply turn cookies on or off within the setup area.


The two cookies the PHP Live! system sets are:


phplive_vname - the visitor's name

phplive_vname - the visitor's email

To disable cookies:

  1. Be sure your PHP Live! system is version 4.2.112 or greater.
  2. Login to your PHP Live! Setup area.  (what is my PHP Live! Setup URL?)
  3. Access the top menu "Settings".
  4. From the "Settings" area, click the "Cookies" sub menu.
  5. Change the value and done!
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