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Jul 29, 2016 (11:43:02 am)
Hi, This is due to DMARC policies of some public email providers. The following documentation will...
Jul 28, 2016 (11:22:39 am)
That isn't the problem. Let me explain: I am using the SMTP Addon v2.6 for one department, using d...
Jul 28, 2016 (11:05:01 am)
Hi, If planning to utilize the system using your personal email addresses that has a, @g...
Jul 27, 2016 (8:31:25 pm)
Hi. I contated with my server admin and told me that the software is trying to send the email using ...
Jul 27, 2016 (6:45:47 pm)
Hi, Bug 1: Previous v.4.5.9 AND v. versions displays a blank page after updating the departm...
Jul 24, 2016 (2:45:44 pm)
Hi, The On Demand sever maintenance and migration has been complete. The new environment should pr...
Jul 23, 2016 (3:23:01 pm)
Hi, Bug 1: Previous v. version and few version prior, there is an issue with excluding IP an...
Jul 22, 2016 (2:52:18 pm)
Hi, --------------- PHP Live! On Demand Scheduled Server Maintenance July 23, 1:00am-3:00am EST ---...
Jul 20, 2016 (6:26:53 pm)
Hi, PHP Live! v. is available for download. The following are the summary of v. updat...
Jul 17, 2016 (7:38:37 am)
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