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Hi, The upgrade to the latest version (currently v.4.4.96) is to ensure that any known issues are p...
May 21, 2015 (1:31:11 pm)
I double checked, the operator IS assigned to the department. We are on v.4.4.4, but this feature s...
May 21, 2015 (1:17:23 pm)
Hi, It seems as if the operator is not assigned to the department or perhaps something else. If th...
May 21, 2015 (1:09:08 pm)
I see this option when I edit the department: Share Transcripts Select whether chat transcripts ar...
May 21, 2015 (1:00:40 pm)
Hi, For the chat transcript share setting, you'll want to access the Setup->Departments area. Edit...
May 21, 2015 (12:54:11 pm)
Hi, Canned responses created at the Setup->Departments area is accessible by all operators of that ...
May 21, 2015 (12:49:27 pm)
Is there a way to set up a new operator so she can read the transcripts of previous chats? The mana...
May 21, 2015 (12:04:45 pm)
Hello, I just created a new operator and assigned her to a department. That department has one cann...
May 21, 2015 (12:02:58 pm)
To set the email field as optional, here is what you'll want to do: 1. Login to your PHP Live! setu...
May 14, 2015 (6:32:39 pm)
Thank you for PHPLive! Is there a setting to make requirements of providing email field optional? C...
May 14, 2015 (2:47:57 pm)
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