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Hi, There will most likely be a feature to enable multiple custom fields for future version. It is...
Jul 31, 2015 (6:39:18 pm)
Will this be in a new release in a near future? For us having the zip code AND the phone number is e...
Jul 31, 2015 (3:53:19 pm)
PHP Live! v. is available for download. The following are the summary of v. updates:...
Jul 30, 2015 (6:54:28 am)
Hi, For the operator chat, there are few commands that can be done during the chat session. email:...
Jul 28, 2015 (8:48:01 pm)
hi all, I want to ask regarding this PUSH image/URL/email feature. is it available in current 4.4....
Jul 28, 2015 (7:37:21 pm)
Hi, The Setup->Exclude IPs area does support a wildcard type of input. For example, if you put 192...
Jul 25, 2015 (1:19:44 pm)
We have te same problem. If this function is not available, is it possible to edit a file where this...
Jul 25, 2015 (9:14:25 am)
Hi, The operator pics will be included in v.4.5, the next version to be released. ETA for v.4.5 is...
Jul 24, 2015 (1:51:26 pm)
Any news on this?
Jul 24, 2015 (3:10:42 am)
Hi, When a disk has a bad sector, dropping the table and re-creating it actually may improve the is...
Jul 21, 2015 (1:01:36 pm)
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