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PHP Live! v.4.4.98 is available for download. The following are the summary of v.4.4.98 updates: ==...
Jun 25, 2015 (1:29:02 am)
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Jun 24, 2015 (4:40:11 pm)
PHP Live! v.4.4.97 is available for download. The following are the summary of v.4.4.97 updates: ==...
Jun 22, 2015 (2:13:05 am)
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Jun 19, 2015 (8:31:46 pm)
Would be great to have customer name info appear or be added manually so that every time the IP came...
Jun 19, 2015 (9:43:19 am)
Hi, First thing to check is the server maillog file. The PHP Live! system includes custom mail hea...
Jun 17, 2015 (11:33:08 am)
When our operators are offline we have the email form option enabled. However when I fill it out to ...
Jun 17, 2015 (9:41:27 am)
Hi, The chat window is theme based (CSS file and images). To select an existing theme, access the ...
Jun 16, 2015 (5:48:58 am)
hi, how do i change the "welcome to the live chat" window ui (style, animation, icons etc)? thanks...
Jun 16, 2015 (4:31:50 am)
Hi, At this time, automatic chat invite appears on all devices. A setting to only display the invi...
Jun 10, 2015 (2:14:33 pm)
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